Tale Of Two Cities

If you've read the original "Tale Of Two Cities", you might wanna read this character list... otherwise, scroll down and go to the next page.


Jarvis Lorry---Hercules---An agent of Tellson’s Bank. He befriends the Manettes, and helps them do risky things.

Lucie Manette---Gabrielle---A pretty, young, blond woman who is a main character of the book. Many men seek her hand in marriage, but she will choose one, and basically choose his fate.

Dr. Manette---Xena---Gabrielle’s mother, who was a prisoner for nearly 18 years in the Bastille. She has a secret why she hesitates to let Gabrielle marry. Xena is still recovering from being imprisoned, for one thing…

Miss Pross---Atalanta---Gabrielle’s protector, her nurse in some ways. Her job is to advise Gabrielle on what happens in her life, and to help her in any way she can.

Ernest Defarge---Draco---The owner of the stables in Paris. He becomes a leader in the French Revolution, but still has a weak spot or two.

Madame Defarge---Callisto---Draco’s wife, she spends a lot of time creating saddles for the stables, each saddle has it’s own design. Each design stands for someone Callisto intends to kill. Callisto is the leader of the Revolution.

Jacques---Warlords---There are several warlords in the story, all who follow Draco and Callisto. They are part of the Revolution.

Charles Darnay---Perdicus---Yeah, Perdicus is still alive... He is one of the many that want to marry Gabrielle. He is a French exile in England, and is put on trial many times. He tries to expiate his family’s crimes, and keeps getting imprisoned. A character that really proves - it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Sydney Carton---Joxer---A man constantly feeling sorry for himself, is a drunk most of the time. He loves Gabrielle, but it seems Gabrielle doesn’t want anything to do with him.

C.J. Stryver---Iolaus---Kind of stuck up, he is Perdicus’ defense lawyer, and he is another one that is interested in Gabrielle.

John Barsad---Salmoneus---A police spy in England, informs against Perdicus at trial. Salmoneus also becomes a prison spy in Revolutionary France.

Marquis St. Evremonde---Ares---A corrupt ruler in France, is an aristocrat who is related to Perdicus.

Gaspard---Malen---His child is killed by getting run over by horses and (ep: "Callisto") carriages one day, and he feels he owes the murderer one…

The Vengeance---Velaska---A faithful follower of Callisto, she helps her with the saddles, and carries out the actual dirty work.

A Seamstress---Meg---Can’t tell you much about her… just that she makes the ending a little happier…

Now, folks, I know I have missed characters, and skipped parts for them, and messed up the actual plot, but hey, this is *my* story, right? :)

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