The X Files

For a while, I have to admit, I wasn't much of a fan. But I like this show, and the endings are either TERRIBLE or FANTASTIC. Here are links to great XFiles Sites. Please email your comments to me!! (email addy at bottom of page)

The X Files Links

The Official X Files Site
The name explains it, right?
AOL's X Files Page
Tons of X Files stuff.
X Files Exposed
An Entertainment Weekly article
XYZ Files
A parody site of The X Files
Cancerman's Lungs
Cool sites and info on The X Files
Actor Lists for the X-Files
Tons of this stuff...
Miri's X-Files Page
X-Files Photo Gallery
X-Links Central
Over 825 links.
X-Files Links
Tons of links and pictures.
Songs in the Key of X
Check out the soundtrack.
The Superdeformed X-Files Page
Gazillions of links and pictures.
Montoya's X-Files Pictures (aka The Source)
30 pictures
Tristan's X-File Page
A TON of pics and sounds here.
X-Files Page
Great X-Files stuff.
The X-Files Vision Page
Great images and links.
Germseed's X-Files Links
Great links.
2shy's X-Files Page
Links, movies, and more.
Josh's X-Files Site
X-Files links, movie, and sounds.
The Complete X-Files
Ep guides, FAQ, Interviews, Cast Info, Pics, Screensavers, and more.
X-Files Episode Voting
Vote for your favorite X-Files episode.
Simon's X-Files Links
A TON of links.
Fan Fiction
X-Files Fan Fiction.

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