IN A LOW ANGLE, we see Rose standing like a figurehead in reverse. Below her are the huge letters of the name "TITANIC".

She leans out, her arms straightening... looking down hypnotized, into the vortex below her. Her dress and hair are lifted by the wind of the ship's movement. The only sound, above the rush of water below, is the flutter and snap of the big Union Jack right above her.

JACK Don't do it.

She whips her head around at the sound of his voice. It takes a second for her eyes to focus.

ROSE Stay back! Don't come any closer!

Jack sees the tear tracks on her cheeks in the faint glow from the stern running lights.

JACK Take my hand. I'll pull you back in.

ROSE No! Stay where you are. I mean it. I'll let go.

JACK No you won't.

ROSE What do you mean no I won't? Don't presume to tell me what I will and will not do. You don't know me.

JACK You would have done it already. Now come on, take my hand.

Rose is confused now. She can't see him very well through the tears, so she wipes them with one hand, almost losing her balance.

ROSE You're distracting me. Go away.

JACK I can't. I'm involved now. If you let go I have to jump in after you.

ROSE Don't be absurd. You'll be killed.

He takes off his jacket.

JACK I'm a good swimmer.

He starts unlacing his left shoe.

ROSE The fall alone would kill you.

JACK It would hurt. I'm not saying it wouldn't. To be honest I'm a lot more concerned about the water being so cold.

She looks down. The reality factor of what she is doing is sinking in.

ROSE How cold?

JACK (taking off his left shoe) Freezing. Maybe a couple degrees over.

He starts unlacing his right shoe.

JACK Ever been to Wisconsin?

ROSE (perplexed) No.

JACK Well they have some of the coldest winters around, and I grew up there, near Chippewa Falls. Once when I was a kid me and my father were ice-fishing out on Lake Wissota... ice-fishing's where you chop a hole in the--

ROSE I know what ice fishing is!

JACK Sorry. Just... you look like kind of an indoor girl. Anyway, I went through some thin ice and I'm tellin' ya, water that cold... like that right down there... it hits you like a thousand knives all over your body. You can't breath, you can't think... least not about anything but the pain. (takes off his other shoe) Which is why I'm not looking forward to jumping in after you. But like I said, I don't see a choice. I guess I'm kinda hoping you'll come back over the rail and get me off the hook here.

ROSE You're crazy.

JACK That's what everybody says. But with all due respect, I'm not the one hanging off the back of a ship.

He slides one step closer, like moving up on a spooked horse.

JACK Come on. You don't want to do this. Give me your hand.

Rose stares at this madman for a long time. She looks at his eyes and they somehow suddenly seem to fill her universe.

ROSE Alright.

She unfastens one hand from the rail and reaches it around toward him. He reaches out to take it, firmly.

JACK I'm Jack Dawson.

ROSE (voice quavering) Pleased to meet you, Mr. Dawson.

Rose starts to turn. Now that she has decided to live, the height is terrifying. She is overcome by vertigo as she shifts her footing, turning to face the ship. As she starts to climb, her dress gets in the way, and one foot slips off the edge of the deck.

She plunges, letting out a piercing SHRIEK. Jack, gripping her hand, is jerked toward the rail. Rose barely grabs a lower rail with her free hand.

QUARTERMASTER ROWE, up on the docking bridge hears the scream and heads for the ladder.


JACK I've got you. I won't let go.

Jack holds her hand with all his strength, bracing himself on the railing with his other hand. Rose tries to get some kind of foothold on the smooth hull. Jack tries to lift her bodily over the railing. She can't get any footing in her dress and evening shoes, and she slips back. Rose SCREAMS again.

Jack, awkwardly clutching Rose by whatever he can get a grip on as she flails, gets her over the railing. They fall together onto the deck in a tangled heap, spinning in such a way that Jack winds up slightly on top of her.

Rowe slides down the ladder from the docking bridge like it's a fire drill and sprints across the fantail.

ROWE Here, what's all this?!

Rowe runs up and pulls Jack off of Rose, revealing her dishevelled and sobbing on the deck. Her dress is torn, and the hem is pushing up above her knees, showing one ripped stocking. He looks at Jack, the shaggy steerage man with his jacket off, and the first class lady clearly in distress, and starts drawing conclusions. Two seamen chug across the deck to join them.

ROWE (to Jack) Here you, stand back! Don't move an inch! (to the seamen) Fetch the Master at Arms.



A few minutes later. Jack is being detained by the burly MASTER AT ARMS, the closest thing to a cop on board. He is handcuffing Jack. Cal is right in front of Jack, and furious. He has obviously just rushed out here with Lovejoy and another man, and none of them have coats over their black tie evening dress. The other man is COLONEL ARCHIBALD GRACIE, a mustachioed blowhard who still has his brandy snifter. He offers it to Rose, who is hunched over crying on a bench nearby, but she waves it away. Cal is more concerned with Jack. He grabs him by the lapels.

CAL What made you think you could put your hands on my fiancee?! Look at me, you filth! What did you think you were doing?!

ROSE Cal, stop! It was an accident.

CAL An accident?!

ROSE It was... stupid really. I was leaning over and I slipped.

Rose looks at Jack, getting eye contact.

ROSE I was leaning way over, to see the... ah... propellers. And I slipped and I would have gone overboard... and Mr. Dawson here saved me and he almost went over himself.

CAL You wanted to see the propellers?

GRACIE (shaking his head) Women and machinery do not mix.

MASTER AT ARMS (to Jack) Was that the way of it?

Rose is begging him with her eyes not to say what really happened.

JACK Uh huh. That was pretty much it.

He looks at Rose a moment longer. Now they have a secret together.

COLONEL GRACIE Well! The boy's a hero then. Good for you son, well done! (to Cal) So it's all's well and back to our brandy, eh?

Jack is uncuffed. Cal gets Rose to her feet and moving.

CAL (rubbing her arms) Let's get you in. You're freezing.

Cal is leaving without a second thought for Jack.

GRACIE (low) Ah... perhaps a little something for the boy?

CAL Oh, right. Mr. Lovejoy. A twenty should do it.

ROSE Is that the going rate for saving the woman you love?

CAL Rose is displeased. Mmm... what to do?

Cal turns back to Jack. He appraises him condescendingly... a steerage ruffian, unwashed and ill-mannered.

CAL I know. (to Jack) Perhaps you could join us for dinner tomorrow, to regale our group with your heroic tale?

JACK (looking straight at Rose) Sure. Count me in.

CAL Good. Settled then.

Cal turns to go, putting a protective arm around Rose. he leans close to Gracie as they walk away.

CAL This should be amusing.

JACK (as Lovejoy passes) Can I bum a cigarette?

Lovejoy smoothly draws a silver cigarette case from his jacket and snaps it open. Jack takes a cigarette, then another, popping it behind his ear for later. Lovejoy lights Jack's cigarette.

LOVEJOY You'll want to tie those. (Jack looks at his shoes) Interesting that the young lady slipped so mighty all of a sudden and you still had time to take of your jacket and shoes. Mmmm?

Lovejoy's expression is bland, but the eyes are cold. He turns away to join his group.



As she undresses for bed Rose sees Cal standing in her doorway, reflected in the cracked mirror of her vanity. He comes toward her.

CAL (unexpectedly tender) I know you've een melancholy, and I don't pretent to know why.

From behind his back he hands her a large black velvet jewel case. She takes it, numbly.

CAL I intended to save this till the engagement gals next week. But I thought tonight, perhaps a reminder of my feeling for you...

Rose slowly opens the box. Inside is the necklace... "HEART OF THE OCEAN" in all its glory. It is huge... a malevolent blue stone glittering with an infinity of scalpel-like inner reflections.

ROSE My God... Cal. Is it a--

CAL Daimond. Yes it is. 56 carats.

He takes the necklace and during the following places it around her throat. He turns her to the mirror, staring behind her.

CAL It was once worn by Louis the Sixteenth. They call it Le Coeur de la Mer, the--

ROSE The Heart of the Ocean. Cal, it's... it's overwhelming.

He gazes at the image of the two of them in the mirror.

CAL It's for royalty. And we are royalty.

His fingers caress her neck and throat. He seems himself to be disarmed by Rose's elegance and beauty. His emotion is, for the first time, unguarded.

CAL There's nothing I couldn't give you. There's nothing I'd deny you if you would deny me. Open your heart to me, Rose.

CAMERA begins to TRACK IN ON ROSE. Closer and closer, during the following:

OLD ROSE (V.O.) Of course his gift was only to reflect light back onto himself, to illuminate the greatness that was Caledon Hockley. It was a cold stone... a heart of ice.

Finally, when Rose's eyes FILL FRAM, we MORPH SLOWLY to her eyes as the are now... transforming through 84 years of life...



Without a cut the wrinkled, weathered landscape of age has appeared around her eyes. But the eyes themselves are the same.

OLD ROSE After all these years, feel it closing around my throat like a dog collar.

THE CAMERA PUllS BACK to show her whole face.

ROSE I can still feel its weight. If you could have felt it, not just seen it...

LOVETT Well, that's the general idea, my dear.

BODINE So let me get this right. You were gonna kill yourself by jumping off the Titanic? (he guffaws) That's great!

LOVETT (warningly) Lewis...

But Rose laughs with Bodine.

BODINE (still laughing) All you had to do was wait two days!

Lovett, standing out of Rose's sightline, checks his watch. Hours have passed. This process is taking too long.

LOVETT Rose, tell us more about the diamond. What did Hockley do with it after that?

ROSE Im afraid I'm feeling a little tired, Mr. Lovett.

Lizzy picks up the cue and starts to wheel her out.

LOVETT Wait! Can you give us something go on, here. Like who had access to the safe. What about this Lovejoy guy? The valet. Did he have the combination?

LIZZY That's enough.

Lizzy takes her out. Rose's old hand reapears at the doorway in a frail wave goodbye.



As the big hydraulic jib swings one of the Mir subs out over the water. Lovett walks as he talks with Bobby Buell, the partners' rep. They weave among deck cranes, launch crew, sub maintenance guys.

BUELL The partners are pissed.

BROCK Bobby, buy me time. I need time.

BUELL We're running thirty thousand a day, and we're six days over. I'm telling you what they're telling me. The hand is on the plug. It's starting to pull.

BROCK Well you tell the hand I need another two days! Bobby, Bobby, Bobby... we're close! I smell it. I smell ice. She had the diamond on... now we just have to find out where it wound up. I just gotta work her a bit more. Okay?

Brock turns and sees Lizy standing behind him. She has overheard the past part of his dialogue with Buell. He goes to her and hustles her away from Buell, toward a quite spot on the deck.

BROCK Hey, Lizzy. I need to talk to you for a second.

LIZZY Don't you mean work me?

BROCK Look, I'm running out of time. I need your help.

LIZZY I'm not going to help you browbeat my hundred and (MORE) LIZZY (CONT'D) one year old grandmother. I came down here to tell you to back off.

BROCK (with undisguised desperation) Lizzy... you gotta understand something. I've bet it all to find the Heart of the Ocean. I've got all my dough tied up in this thing. My wife even divorced me over this hunt. I need what's locked inside your grandma's memory. (he holds out his hand) You see this? Right here?

She looks at his hand, palm up. Empty. Cupped, as if around an imaginary shape.


BROCK That's the shape my hand's gonna be when I hold that thing. You understand? I'm not leaving here without it.

LIZZY Look, Brock, she's going to do this her way, in her own time. Don't forget, she contacted you. She's out here for her own reasons, God knows what they are.

LOVETT Maybe she wants to make peace with the past.

LIZZY What past? She has never once, not once, ever said a word about being on the Titanic until two days ago.

LOVETT Then we're all meeting your grandmother for the first time.

LIZZY (looks at him hard) You think she was really there?

LOVETT Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm a believer. She was there.

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