"Hercules And Xena: The Battle For Mount Olympus" - Tour

Saturday, November 8, 1997

There is a tour going around the U.S. promoting the new movie "Hercules And Xena: The Battle For Mount Olympus". It's only touring to about 5 places in the country, and Atlanta happened to be one of them. :) The tour dragged around four costumes from the shows, a bunch of weapons, a few moon-walk things for the kids, stocks that were used in the eps, and they even gave out free stuff and showed parts of the movie. They had these huge blow-up things of the actual tape, and I wanted to buy it!! Ha!

Yes, I went to that tour thingy with "Hercules and Xena: The Animated Movie". It was awesome!

They had a bunch of "moon-walk" stuff up for the kids, and two TVs that showed random shots of the movie - looks terrific, folks.

I also got to meet Les (As in THE Kevin Smith Fan) and she is really nice!!! (I've also never met a fan so dedicated!!)

Then came the UNTHINKABLE: I saw [one of] THE original chakrum. Woah. As I lifted my camera to take a picture (I was numb, and not just because it was 40 degrees out) and my camera screwed up. :<

I ran into the KMart and bought a disposible camera. :) Using all 15 exposures, I took my time looking at the "museum".

I looked at the chakrum (which was in a case along with THE breast dagger, Herk's sword, Xena's sword, and one of those executioner's axes) longingly. Right next to that case, there was one single sword, also cased. It was the Samurai one... I think Iolaus used it?

I looked at the chakrum and then at one of the tour-promotion guys standing next to it. Giving him a pathetic smile, I took another picture. Then he asked: "Would you like to touch the chakrum?"

He knew my answer was "yes".

I got to touch and sorta hold the chakrum!! It is the coolest thing in the entire world. Woah. That blue-greenish stone is abalone, in case people didn't know that (hey, I didn't!). It is just like I thought it would be, in terms of weight. It's around 2 pounds, and is shiny, with a few "real-looking" chakrums. And yes, the edges are a little sharp. The middle of the chakrum is thicker, and gets thinner towards the outside rim. I'm still stunned that I touched it. Will I ever wash my hands again? Ewww....

I also got to touch the rest of the stuff in the case - very awesome.

Then he saw I was sincerely a devoted fan, and he walked over to one of the two CLOTHES cases. He said:

"They have about a dozen of each outfit. Do you want to touch them, too?"

What do you think my answer was?

I got to touch Kevin Sorbo's outfit, the regular one and the other outfit (the one in "Prince Hercules" with the rhinestones. WOW!

I also got to touch "Meg's" red outfit and Iolaus' outfit in the one with his cousin, the king.

Also available to look at was the 8 frames in the beginning of the show w/Lucy at the beach, twirling her sword. It was a hologram-laser thing. He said that the outside of the frame (like a gel, almost) costs over $1000. Another WOW.

UPN was there (Atlanta's TV station for H/X) and saw I was a high school student (I had my letter jacket on). They asked to interview me on substance abuse. I said sure, and they interviewed me on camera. It will be shown in over 20 states towards the end of December. It's called something around "Kids on Paramount". They said I was a little too old for their range, but they were interested anyway. They said they *might* use my clip. Cool. :>

They were giving out a bunch of stuff. Huge posters of the animated movie, T-Shirts (the one with the word "Xena" running vertically down the right-side of the shirt and it's a coppery color. Xena poses with her chakrum, smirk on her face, also a HerK shirt with "UPN" on the back), pins (the ones available in the Creation Fan Club kit), Fliers for the ICON company's chakrum (I tell ya - they really don't seem professional - they misspelled a word or two. It's called "spellcheck" :) Just kidding. Actually, the chakrum looked pretty nice. Then again, it better mow my lawn for $350!)

They were also giving out "colorable" pics for little kids. Yes, I took 1!!! He he....

All in all, it was a terrific time, and I'm ecstatic (spellcheck, right?) that I got to touch THE chakrum... the guy said it was used last season. Woah again.

The movie will be out in January, (ahhhh.... hurry up already) BTW. (am I telling you old news or WHAT?)

About the pictures - it'll be a while before anyone sees them! :) I am planning on sending doubles to a friend who has a scanner, and possibly in return, he could scan them and send them back to me. I'll let people know what next, and I'll be able to send two or three out. :)

Thanks for listening!


Wanna see the pics from the tour? Here they are! Thanks so much to Lessa! Be sure to visit her page!<


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