My Tamagotchi Links

The Official Tamagotchi Site
By Bandai, this is the original page.
News on Tamagotchi
Updates on this toy.
Tamagotchi Page
Explains Tama in different countries.
Tamagotchi Life Cycle
The growth chart of a tama.
Tama FAQ
What is a Tamagotchi?
Tamagotchi Site
A good one.
Tamagotchi Site
All about Tamagotchies.
RReese999's Homepage.
Tamagotchi News
A few articles on Tamagotchies.
This is a great site with tons of stuff on tamas.
Tamagotchi Links
I've never seen so many Tama links in one place...
Stork Stop
This has Virtual Pet stuff.
Maru Maru Tamagotchies
This has great stuff. Some is under construction, but there is still a tama gallery and FAQ.
Khris's Tamagotchi Page
This has tons of tama stuff, including bedtimes and a cemetary!
Jenny's Tama Site
This also has tons of Tamagotchi stuff on it.
YesGirly's Page
This is a really good tama site.
Ali's Tama stuff
She explains her tama and has links to other tama sites.
Artemis the Tamagotchi
Pictures and links!
Bingo's Tamagotchi Page
Growth chart, links, and pics.
Tamagotchi Smash
What'll happen if you don't take care of your tamagotchi.
Awesome Virtual Pets Page
Tons of tamagotchi stuff!
CLBiscuit's Tama Page
This has a picture of twin tamas!
Bbq's Tama Page
This is a cool page with pics and secrets.
Tama120's Homepage
Join the tama club!
AOL Tamagotchi Site
This is accessible to AOL members only (sorry!)
A Virtual Pets Page
Tamagotchi Page and Giga Pets

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