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Here are some "The Simpsons" links... this'll keep you busy for a little while.

Simpson Links

The Simpson's Archive: Search anything Simpsons!
The Simpson's Sourcebook: Tons of pictures
The Simpsons Official Site: Interactive Simpson pics
Jynelms Simpson Links: Tons of links
Sherri's Spot: Simpson stuff!
Matt's Simpson Page: Pictures and more!
Dave Hall's Simpsons Pages: Links, online resources, and ep guides.
The Simpson's Unofficial Site: Sounds, pics, and links.
Justin's Simpson Page: Trading cards, list of Bart's phone pranks and chalkboard sayings...
Vince's Simpsons Site: Images, cartoons, downloads, articles, how to draw...
Simpson Links: Really cool pics and links.
VooDoob's Simpson Page: Great links on this one.
Natasha's Simpsons Page: Great Simpsons stuff
The Simpson's Rule!: A TON of links
The Simpsons!!: Links available now, and sounds coming soon.
Steve Woolley's Page: Tons of links.
Richard's Simpsons Page: Links, quotes, and sounds.
Glenn's Simpsons Page: Pictures and links!
The Simpsons Directory: Reviews sites and comments about eps.
The Simpsons Page: Pics to download and other cool stuff.
Josh's Simpsons Page: Sounds, pics, and more.
Jeff Lin's Simpson Page: Cool pics and character info.

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