People Involved

A short description of people mentioned in the timeline, which is the next part of the tour.

Francisco de Gordillo:
He was an explorer from Spain who landed off the coast of today’s South Carolina in 1521.

Estevan Gomez:
He was a Portuguese ship pilot.  He landed on the East Coast of Canada, north of Maine, in

He was a justice of the Spanish supreme court.  He conducted an expedition from Florida up the
eastern seaboard of the United States.  He tried to establish a colony near what later became
Jamestown, Virginia.  Fever and attacks by the local natives made the colonists give up.

Panfilo de Navarez: 
He reached present day Texas.

Hernando de Soto:
He discovered, explored, and made expeditions up the Mississippi River.  From 1519 to 1532, he
was an explorer and military leader in Central America and Peru, where he served under another
Spanish adventurer, Francisco Pizarro.  De Soto also explored territory now part of Arkansas,
Oklahoma, and northern Texas.  When de Soto died of a fever when he and his group returned to
the Mississippi, his men sank his heavily weighted body in the river to keep the natives from
learning of the death and mutilating the body.

Francisco de Coronado:
He covered territory that is now Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Kansas.

Walter Raleigh:
He was a favorite of Queen Elizabeth, an English adventurer, and a writer.  He wanted to set up a
colony in the New World.

Queen Elizabeth:
She was Queen of England and Ireland from 1558 to 1603.  She funded the first expedition to
Roanoke.  She supported Sir Walter Raleigh in his efforts.

King Philip:
He was a Spanish ruler who persecuted and tortured Protestants.

Sir Richard Grenville:
He was a navy man and cousin of Raleigh.  He headed the fleet of seven ships in which colonists
went to Roanoke the first time.  In 1591, Grenville sailed to the Azores as second-in-command
of an expedition sent to capture a Spanish treasure fleet.  His ship was eventually separated from
the rest of the fleet, and he was captured by the Spanish and killed.

Ralph Lane:
He was a favorite of Queen Elizabeth and was excellent at fort making.  He was governor of the
first attempt at colonizing Roanoke.

Simao Fernandes:
He was in charge of piloting the principal ship of the first expedition.

John White:
He was an artist and a mapmaker who was present at the first attempt at colonizing Roanoke. 
He was the governor of the colony during the second attempt at colonizing Roanoke.

He was a native friend of the English in 1585.

Chief Wingina:
He was the chief of the Croatoan Indians when the colonists arrived the first time at Roanoke.

Edward Nugent:
He was Ralph Lane’s personal assistant who killed Chief Wingina.

Sir Francis Drake:
He was an English navigator and explorer.  He heard about the colonists at Roanoke and offered
ships and supplies for them to return to Europe with.  The colonists eventually took him up on
the offer.

Simeo Fernandes:
He was a Portuguese pilot of Grenville’s expedition who came along at the second try of setting
up a colony in Roanoke.

Ananias Dare:
He was married to John White’s daughter and was an assistant on the second expedition.

He was a Croatoan who was friends with the English.  He lived in England for a little while until
they left for the second expedition.

George Howe: 
During the second attempt at Roanoke, he went fishing along, and was murdered by Roanoacs

Edward Stafford:  
He was a captain of the second attempt at colonization at the island.  He went along with John
White to talk with the natives to convince them they didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

Virginia Dare:
She was the first English child born in the New World.  She was John White’s granddaughter.

George Percy:  
He was a member of the Virginia Company.  In 1607, he spotted a European-looking native that
might be the answer to what happened to the lost colonists (see “theory” part of the tour).

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