Riddles (answers match up at the bottom)

1.)  Fashion is not one of my things.
I dislike the inventory that my hungry nephew always brings.
People take me for granted,
I dwell in a place I am practically planted,
and I'm one of the few without flings!
Who am I?

2.)  I don't care who loses,
As long as I always win.
I side with those who are worthy,
Rarely of those are my kin.
I never fight fair,
No one can ever trust me.
As soon as the other side has won,
Always expect I will flee.
Who am I?

3.)  I'm like the evil twin,
The angel over his shoulder.
He seems to take me for granted,
Though I know the truth.
I want to be like him,
And he wants to be like me.
In the long run,
We never lose,
and we never win.
Who am I?

4.)  I changed for this.
Yet it killed me.
I tried to fit in,
but it wouldn't let me.
People are afraid of change,
Things aren't always what they seem.
Who am I?

5.)  I am the secret service of Greece.
The bodyguard of Athens.
The line from place to place.
The thing that just seems to take up space.
The one who is always needed.
The one who will return your gift.
Who am I?

6.)  I'm faithful to no one.
I look forward to the future,
even though I'm terrified of it.
I would give up anything,
if I could only have something.
Who am I?

Answers To The Riddles

1.)  Hades

2.)  Hera

3.)  Iolaus

4.)  Golden Hind

5.)  Argo

6.)  Xena

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