Music Links

MIDI Files: Download fav songs.
99X Homepage: An alternative radio station in Atlanta, Georgia.
Chats with musicians and artists: This is a daily guide that lets you know what's going on.
MTV Online: The Music Television Site
VH1 Online: VH1's site
Much Music Site: A new one, it's a 24 hour music network.
Music Headlines: Music news
UnFURLed Online: Top Music Stuff online.
Yahoo! Music chat: Talk about music in this chat room.
Movie Soundtracks: Movie Soundtracks stuff.
Soundtrack Browser: Browse fav movie soundtracks.
Music Trivia: A new quiz every 2-3 weeks.
AMG: All Music Guide - search your music albums and stuff.
IMusic: CD reviews and music news.
Music Central: CD Reviews from Microsoft.
Hearts of Space: A cross between New Age and classical, this is awesome...


Sneaker Pimps Page:
Official Sneaker Pimps Page:
Official Veruca Salt Page:
Official That Dog Page:
Veruca Salt Page:
Alanis Morisette Page:
"Corduroy and Lemon Drops" Veruca Salt Page:
Fiona Apple:
Loreena McKennit:

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