Softball Links

THE Softball Site: This has everything with softball... including updates on news and a catalog.
Softball News: Updates on new bats and stuff for the 1998 season.
Softball links: Tons of 'em.
Softball Tournament Directory: The Tournament Directory of Softball.
Free Softball Catalog: Get your free softball catalog, and order softball "stuff".
The Amateur Softball Association: Just as good as the real thing.
USA Softball: USA softball... as opposed to what? USA rugby?
Softball BC Online: A Slow-Pitch and Fast-Pitch site.
The Largest Softball Tournament: People in Virginia take this sport seriously -- I woulda LOVED to play in this one.
1996 Olympics Softball Results: The results of those games, the rosters, even the news is here.
Huggs Sports: Softball merchandise & stuff.

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