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WWW Hockey Guide
This has over 1100 hockey links.
The National Hockey League's Official Site
Hockey Stats
By Stats Inc.
The Hockey Page
AOL users for this one... the others probably won't work.
Sport Schedules As You Like 'Em
Tons of sports schedules
The NHL Official Rule Book
Just what *everyone* was looking for.
Team Calenders
Hockey schedules for games of each team
NHL Goalies
A site for each team...

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The New NHL Team: The Atlanta Thrashers

Access Atlanta: News Article about the Atlanta Thrashers.
The Macon Telegraph: News Article on the fans' reactions to the Atlanta Hockey Team.
"Hockey's Return": ..."city that lost flames wins expansion franchise..."
ESPN: ESPN article on the new NHL team.
The Atlanta Knights Page: I am linking to this site in memory of my favorite hockey team... the Knights. In case you didn't know, they are now in Canada.
Rafales de Quebec Sports Center: Sniff... sniff... look, they already have info about the Atlanta Knights in Canada. Now, they are known as the "Rafales". Their name means "big gust of wind".