Baseball Links

The Baseball Server: This has EVERYTHING having to do with baseball, including "attendence" and "streaks"
Stats NL Scoreboard: This has the line-ups and play-by-play broadcasting for each game that's going on.
Stats AL Scoreboard: This has the line-ups and stuff just like the NL one above
USA Stats: Rotisserie Sports Service
Instant Sports : Play-by-play updates, and you can create your own fan page.
ESPN baseball: ESPN baseball news and updates
USA Today baseball: The baseball news
The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum: Ooooo... Ahh...
Nerd World: Baseball: News on teams and games, plus, if you can believe it, more links.
Tulane University Baseball Stuff: My Dad went here, so I kinda have to put this up.
Baseball Forum: Talk about baseball with other fans.
Cosmic Baseball Association: I've never seen so many baseball links on one page.
Sean's Baseball Page: This is a fantastic page with pics of players and stats and schedules and stuff.

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Player Links (find stats)

AOL Baseball Stats: For each player in the AL and the NL
Baseball News: Updated news on teams and players
Baseball Stats: This has everything about any player that ever played.