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For all you non-Herkuleans and non-Xenites, this is my page to you. There's a link to go to the United States Phone Book, there's links to my friends/ teachers/family (see how my family is REALLY weird) websites, go to sites to crack you up, go to sites that make you roll your eyes... okay, I'll be quiet now. Read on...

Misc. Links...

Database America People Finder
The United States Telephone Book
Hecklers Online
For you AOL jokesters.
Tripod's Homepage Builder
Wanna make your own webpage? This was free and easy.
Jokes etc.
Yup AOLers... more jokes!
Dr. Pritchard's WebPage
A great World Geography/Sociology teacher's website
Dr. Brown's WebPage
A great Physical Science teacher's website
School essays
For back to school stuff - not that *I* do this - prewritten essays that would HELP you write one of your own (He he he)
The complete guide and sounds to download sounds on your computer.
TV Guide Online (duh).
CNN Newsroom
My mom writes the teacher's guide to this great High School show.
Steven Wright Jokes
Most of "Points to Ponder" come from this comedian.
Web Clip Art - Welcome from The Mining Company
Web Clip Art
Type in any city, and it gives you the exact map of the area, very detailed.
I have no idea why I put this up... maybe 'cause they were at 99X Big Day Out...
Amanda Avallone's Homepage
She's a teacher in Colorado.
The Bureau of Missing Socks
Just what it sounds like...
The Great Globe Gallery
Globes Galore.
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Awesome site...
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More Links...

Military History: This helps a lot with history reports... it's a huge outline of world history.
Interactive Astrology: This is weird stuff - it really described me. There, do I sound like someone on an infommericial? (This is for AOL people only, BTW)
Scare Your Computer: More "AOL only" stuff... sorry! This has sounds and pics to download onto your computer for Halloween. Who's thinking for you today? This is hysterical, and reminds me of the STEROTYPE version of "net-surfers".
Top 10 Signs You Spend Too Much Time On AOL: For AOLers only, this is Letterman's "AOL TOP TEN" List... you'll get it when you see it.
Access Atlanta: Stuff for us Atlantans.
Red Velvet Rose: Send a rose you AOLers...
Found Money Homepage: Lost any $$$ recently?
HandiLinks: As opposed to what? HandiSnacks?
The Rose: Yeah, yet another Rose.
Medsite - Your source for online medical info...: Very medical <g>
Zodiac: AOL Horoscopes/Zodiac
Round Flat Records: Yeah. That's what I said. Uh huh.

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Steven Wright Quotes of the Week

* If ballerinas are always on their toes, then why don't they just get taller ballerinas?

* Why do we drive in parkways and park in driveways?

* Why is there Braille in drive-thru ATMs?

* If toast always lands butter-side down, and cats always land on their feet, what happen if you strap toast on the back of a cat and drop it? (Go to Hecklers Online to find out the answer)

* I want to get a tatoo of myself on my entire body, only 2" taller.

(Email me for your "Point to Ponder" or Steven Wright joke, and maybe yours will be chosen)