Harrison High School

Teachers call it "Carl Harrison High School".

My Mom calls it "George Harrison High School".

I call it "Something to do on weekdays".

Here are links and info about my school in Marietta, Georgia. All the way at the bottom are a few teacher links, too.

Clubs and Organizations

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - a service club open to Juniors and Seniors with GPA's of 3.8 and higher, demonstrated leadership skills, commendable character, citizenship, and service ability. (Sponsers: Mrs. Sichta and Mr. Scheffield)

BETA CLUB - a service club open to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors with GPA's of 3.5 and higher. Academic standing and service hours are required to continue membership. (Sponsers: Mrs. Wentworth and Celia Wannell)

INTERNATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY - a club of the exceptionally talented students in the Harrison Drama Department. (Sponser: Mrs. Debbie Walker)

ACADEMIC TEAM - open to all students who wish to compete for their school in a vast array of academic subjects. (Sponser: Ms. Theilman)

CASTALIA - open to all ALP students. (Sponser: Mr. Crump)

DEBATE AND FORENSIC TEAM - competes against other schools in public speaking as well as in various styles of debate. (Sponsers: Ms. Guidry and Ms. Peters)

DRAMA CLUB - open to all students interested in the performing arts. (Sponser: Mrs. Walker)

FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA - open to any present of former business students. (Sponser: Mrs. Gregory)

FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES - an interdenominational club that is open to all students interested in Bible Study. (Sponsor: Mrs. Elster)

FRENCH CLUB - open to all students of French. (Sponsor: Ms. Butts)

FUTURE GEORGIA EDUCATORS - open to any student interested in pursuing a career in the field of education. (Sponsor: Mrs. Bruner)

GERMAN CLUB - open to all students of German. (Sponsor: Unknown)

HARMONY CLUB - promotes interest in and celebrates cultural diversity. (Sponsors: Dr. Pritchard and Ms. Whatley)

HOYA HELPERS - are selected by the Guidance Dept. to assist with the drug and alchohol program. (Sponsors: Mrs. Bentley and Mrs. Theilman)

HELPING OUR PLANET EARTH - an enviromental club dedicated to preserving the world we live in and is open to all students. (Sponsor: Ms. Smith)

INTERACT CLUB - a service club sponsored by the Rotary Club. Interact features speakers from throughout the community.

JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE - open to all students of Latin. (Sponsor: Mrs. Robuck and Mr. Fields)

KEY CLUB - is a service club sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. (Sponsor: Mr. Wood)

MATH TEAM & MATH CLUB - compete for Harrison in the areas of Mathematics and are open to all students interested in math. (Sponsor: Mrs. Sichta)

MEDIA CLUB - open to Harrison students interested in promoting and serving Harrison though different forms of Media. (Sponsor: Mrs. Johnson)

MODEL UNITED NATIONS - open to Juniors and Seniors who are interested in the workings of the United Nations. (Sponsor: Mr. Johnson)

OCTAGON CLUB - sponsored by the Kennesaw Optimist Club. Service hours earn eligibility towards a Senior Scholarship. (Sponsor: Mrs. Bentley)

STUDENTS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING - open to any Harrison student interested in promoting responsible driving. (Sponsor: Mrs. Kim Fraker)

SCIENCE CLUB - open to students interested in Science. (Sponsor: Dr. Stickel)

SPANISH CLUB - open to all students of Spanish. (Sponsor: Ms. Curry)


Fall: Cross Country (M,W); Football (M); Softball (W); Volleyball (W)

Winter: Basketball (M,W); Swimming and Diving (M,W); Wrestling (M)

Spring: Baseball (M,W); Golf (M,W); Soccer (M,W); Tennis (M,W); Track and Field (M,W)

Yearly: Cheerleading

Faculty and Staff

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Dexter Mills-Principal Jill Kalina-Associate Principal Charlotte Hayes-Assistant Principal

John Stafford-Assistant Principal

Don Griggers-Assistant Principal

Erin Barnett-Assistant Principal

Bruce Cobleigh-Administrative Assistant

ENGLISH: Cathy Wentworth, Barbara Bahr, Joane Benefield, Judy Bentley, Mike Bloomfield, Kendra Burton, Mindy Carson, Angela Drury, Harriet Gillham, Kim Fraker, Anita Hansen, Dee Grant, Tina Motley, Melinda Kay, Eddie Parrott, Glenda Oldham, Celia Wannall, David Walker, Linda Watson, Crystal Webster

MATH: Claudia Shannon, Jeannie Balentine, Ann Blume, Michelle Bowman, Mary Ann Cox, Cindy Harris, Linda Henderson, David Holt, Jason Scott, Mary McKibbon, Barbara Sichta, Dana Waters, Hope Tools, Sarah Wiley, Kim Watson, Pat Windsor, Clemmie Whatley, Jeff Forrest, September Matteson

SCIENCE: John Sheffield, Tom Brown, Vera Culpepper, Martha Evans, Angela Guidry, Danielle Luckett, Pat McDougald, Donna Slagle, Bruce Wahlmeier, Robin Smith, Bill Brown, Howard Buice, Mike Diaz, Judi Gazaway, Adele Hendrix, Scott Schomer, Mary Thielman, Herman Wood, George Stickel

SOCIAL STUDIES: W.R. Johnson, Elise Bramblett, Bob DeMenna, Kay Gower, Marty Mazikowski, Gaela Peters, Holly Reason, Zach Spencer, Keith Brown, Knoxie Blake, Sherry Fishback, Randy Lynn, John Moson, Pam Pritchard, Kent Simmons, Sharon Wallace, Steve Butler

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Winona Robuck, Diana Blase, Marie Bruner, Randy Fields, David Lindsey, Kristy Davenport, Brenda Lankford, Cynthia Arnett-Hutto, Meredith Brady, Cathy Butts, Barbara Knox, Heather O’Brien, Patrice Perugini-Hosmer, Wendy Weber

FINE ARTS: Debbie Walker, Bill Blidy, Emily Floyd, Patrick Mullins, Grace Robinson, Scott Weiss, Holly Brinkley, Linda DeMeritt, Natashya Giardina, Denease Norman, David Vandewalker

BUSINESS: Martha Gregory, Deidra Dekle, Kellie Hair, Karen Jackson, Amy Lloyd, Leigh Nielsen, Jason Stamper, Robert Corey, Mike Dickens, Mickie Hood, Karen Kasprowicz, Renee McAuliff, Billy Peek, Constance Statham

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Jerry Meuschke, Robert Brotemarkle, Sam Dixon, Amy Baily, Lisa Chapman, Mark Elkins, Adam Freeman, David Hines, John Hunter, Janet Oglesby, Mike Power, Brian Hage, Kelly Horton, Patty Leahy, Tom Onorato, Steven Riccard

Teacher Links

Dr. Pritchard's Page: World Geography/Sociology
Dr. Brown's Page: Physical Science
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