two shall be born a whole world apart,
speak in different tongues,
and have no thoughts
each of the other's being, 
.....and no need.

but these same two 
o'er unknown seas, 
o'er unknown lands shall cross, 
escaping wreck, defying death,
and unconsciously shape each act.

and these same two
shall bend each wandering step to this one end:
that one day, out of darkness, they must meet;
to read life's words and meaning 
in each other's eyes.
and these same two,
along the narrow road of Life shall walk,
so nearly side by side that should one turn so little 
to the left...or right...
their needs must stand acknowledged, face to face.      

and yet, these same two,
with wistful eyes that never meet,
with groping hands that never grasp,
with lips calling in vain to ears that will never hear,
they seek each other all their weary days and die unfulfilled.

 ........for this is Fate....
........for this is Life.

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