Interactive Herc-Xena Fan Fiction

Choose Your Own Adventure #1: Gab's missing, and you get to pick what to do next... Herc and Xena shows' characters are in it...
Choose Your Own Adventure #2: Different plot, and different characters... Xena now returns to her son.
Xena "Tale Of Two Cities" Version: Yup. That's right. Charles Dickens Type. How weird can you get, huh? Be prepared. This story's a long one...

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Index To Xena Fan Fiction: This is the Mother of All Xena Fan Fiction - you don't need any other links.

Oshram's Xena Stories

Last Request: This is an excellent story, 4 stars out of 4. I won’t give too much away, except to say that it’s nothing like any episode…
Things That We Believe In: This one is terrific! (no spoilers here!)

Fortress Around Your Heart: The new Xena Fan Fiction story by Oshram! I can't give to much away, except to say that I wasn't able to put it down.

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