Face Off

This has got to be my fav movie of all times...

Here are the links that have "Face Off" stuff as the theme... and trust me, there aren't many out there.

Guess what? I just got back from Media Play and guess what I found? The "Face Off" soundtrack. It was $13.99 and has 8 songs, all background from the movie. It is excellent.

If you are a huge fan like I am, go to the offical "Face/Off" site and download a trailer from it. There are two of them: One is 3,917,190 bytes to download, the other is 14,741,734. Obviously, that's the longer one. They are downloaded in .mov form.

If you don't wanna do this, but still want some pics, please EMAIL me. I have several pics (28, to be exact) that I have arranged as thumbnails for a desktop. It looks AWESOME. I can put it in .bmp form, .gif, or .jpg. Let me know.

Hope you like my site!

Face Off Links

Face Off Review
Just a quick one, it mainly talks about John Woo.
Face Off Review
Gives ratings and talks about "children should not see this". Heh heh heh...
Face Off Site And Review
Geocities "Face Off" Site
This has a summary and cool pics.
More Face Off pics and summary, also a quicktime movie clip to download.
My AOL Face/Off Page
This has an awesome desktop that you are welcome to download. I created it myself. :)

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