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Sorry... I've made it the school page now. Below are links from 2 years ago. You know, in case some of you haven't gotten over the whole renewable energy thing - ha ha ha.

Welp, I've finally re-formatted my page. Geez, what was I THINKING last year?

Anyway, here are links to other's debate pages, as well as links you can go to so you can cut your own evidence. I have a lot of nuclear power stuff, just 'cause that's what I was looking for when I decided to put together a page.

Hopefully, you'll see some new stuff up frequently. Keep check'n back!

BTW - Email me if you would like to contribute to this page (i.e. - evidence. Yes, you will be given credit) I'll be getting FREE evidence up soon. Also, if you want your page linked up here, lemme know.



That the federal government should establish a policy to substantially increase renewable energy use in the United States.

Debate Pages

The University of Kansas Government Documents Library:
The Debate Directory:
Ask The Debate Coach:
Amanda's Debate Page:
Argumentation and Debate:
Acadamy Debate Page:
Bouwser's Debate Page:
Cali's Speech and Debate Webring:
The Debate Page:
General Forensics:
Stryder'z Debate Page:
High School Debate:
The Competitive Speech (Forensics) Site:
Paradigm Research:
Talnokland Debate:
Billy's Debate Page:
Casey's Debate Page:
Dumas Debate:
Atlantis Debate:
Jeff's Debate Page:
JSA Page:
Wake Forest Debate:
Gateway Nationals 1998:
Debate 101:
National Forensic Consortium:
Wake Forest Debate Home Page:
Extemp Land:

Cut Your Own Evidence:

Nuclear Power Research Page, AJ's Page:
The UT American Nuclear Society:
Must We Have Nuclear Power?:
The Nuclear Waste Policy Act Of 1996:
FAQ about Nuclear Power:
Nuclear Power Dictionary:
National Nuclear Data Center:
Nuclear Energy Institute:
More FAQ on renewable energy:
Is Nuclear Power Safe?:
The Three Mile Island Incident:
Advantages & Disadvantages to Nuclear Energy:
Center for Nuclear & Toxic Waste Management:
Physics 162:

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