Dance Of The Ruby Dawn

                   It came one morning early in spring
                   A bellowous roar, a cacophonous ring,
                   It roused me from the deepest sleep
                   As if my soul had an appointment to keep;
                   The dance of the ruby dawn.

                   Great galleons flitted out across the sky
                   As auroral lights brightly caught my eye
                   And o'er the horizon advancing they came
                   A great golden dragon and his liege dame;
                   The dance of the ruby dawn.

                   A moment's flicker, a timeless flash,
                   I ne'er even tried a rearward dash,
                   Onward they came and with out stretched hands
                   They bid me join their phantasmic band;
                   And dance with them the ruby dawn.

                   The galleons lighted and from their holds
                   Stole bands of fairies making bold,
                   They caught my hand and linked with theirs
                   I pranced in the dew like a march hare;
                   And danced with them the ruby dawn.

                   My soul expanded, awareness unbound,
                   Reality became clear as we flew with the hound,
                   The great golden dragon showed me all,
                   His presence made all else appear small;
                   Whilst dancing at ruby dawn.

                   We danced this ever panting jig
                   Till Luna up high was forced to dig
                   Into the horizon, all bright and red,
                   As the sun rose up from out its bed;
                   To end this dance at ruby dawn.

                   As these twine harbingers of stellar certainty
                   Played out their roles so ever absolutely,
                   They spelled an end to my dreamy dance
                   And all disappeared from within my glance;
                   No more the dance of the ruby dawn.

                   Then his words came back to me,
                   There out by morning's sun bright lee,
                   "Farewell, my friend, but remember us
                   Who inhabit your dreams, remember you must;
                   Who danced with you the ruby dawn."

                   And to you who say this is mere fancy,
                   This wondrous early morning dancing,
                   Have you never wandered within your head?
                   Or sought after dreams whilst still in your bed?
                   To dream the dance of the ruby dawn.

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