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The following are links that were in my Favorite File place, but I wanted them to stop slowing down my computer!

So, this is mainly for my work stuff, but I put it up because it might be useful to others, too.

The links are divided up into 3 catogories:

Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, and both - (make sense?). Because, as a past World Geography teacher of mine once said:

Everything is always "North vs. South".

Northern Hemisphere

Britian Yahoo Search:
China Yahoo Search:
Hong Kong Yahoo Search:
Russia Yahoo Search:
South Korea Stuff:
The St. Petersburg Times:
Tibet Studies:
Korean Culture:
Information and Links for Thailand:
Specialty Travel Index: Iceland:
North Korea Subject Guide:
Infoseek: North Korean History:
Thailand Online:
Real Spain:
5K Years of Chinese History:
Ireland History:
Chinese Culture Center:
Reference Documents for Chinese Culture:
Asia links -- Business, Trade, News, Service:
History & Culture of Russia / Overview:
China Business Net Pages:
Taiwan History:
Taiwan History (yeah, more):
Taiwan History (okay, okay, I know, enough already):
Taiwan History (okay, I'm done with that...):
About Malaysia:
Malaysia - Kidsclub:
The 71st Infantry at Gunskirchen Lager, Austria - 1945:
The History of World War Two:
The German Economy:
Germany Economy Info:
India Today Economy:
Country Information - Malaysia:
Timeline of Russian History:
Singapore Search Engine:
Virtual Tour Of India:
Singapore Info:
Sunsite thailand, Assumption University/Thailand page:
Lonely Planet - Destination Thailand:
North Korea Homepage:
North Korean Search Engine:
Virtual Tourist - Europe:
Hong Kong's Homepage:
China's One Child Policy:
Silk Road Info:

Southern Hemisphere

Amigo! Mexican History Directory:
ArabNet - Egypt:
Pakistan Yahoo Search:
Cuba - LANIC:

Both Hemispheres

Daily Newspaper Topics:
Encarta - World Atlas Online:
Yahoo! List Of Countries:
Military History:
Dr. Pritchard's Homepage (World Geography Teacher):
Yahoo! Maps:
DeLorme | CyberMaps:
United Nations Home Page:
American City Business Journals:
Directory of Royal Genealogical Data:
The Ancient World Web:
Wars and Conflict Resolution:
Encyclicals and Other Papal Documents:
Causes of Poverty:
Frequently Asked Questions about Poverty and Health Statistics:


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