Come Bide With Me

                       Look for me here at the dawning
                       While the earth remains asleep
                       'Till the dewdrops, kissed by morning,
                       Wakes us both from twilight sleep.

                       Beneath the rowan and the adler,
                       I stand and watch across the bay;
                       A vigil to keep amidst the splendor
                       Every long moment that you're away.

                       Speed you well upon your journey
                       To this bright land so far away
                       Where here beside my peaceful turning
                       You may linger but for a day.

                       In the forest, warmed by the noontide,
                       See the flowers bloom 'n the glades,
                       Come stand a'join me by my hillside
                       And walk the calm of quiet shades.

                       Suns will set as seasons turn,
                       Flowers may grow and wither yet;
                       Who can say what flames may burn
                       'Tween friends well known and met.

                       So find me one day beneath the sun,
                       Guarding the land and the seas;
                       As streams to the rivers surely must run
                       Singing their tales on the breeze.

                       Then find me, my Lady, whenever you will
                       And seek me however you may,
                       For all of your dreams I would gladly fulfill
                       'Ere time like the mist rolls away.

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