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Newsletter II

Made By: ARCAngel76

I'm proud to say that we have a web page brought to you by ( TLG789 ). New News in case you didn't know cupid and vamphic retired. We are trying to get get them back. Utill then I ARCAngel76 will take over the kindom. Maybe they never will come back but you should at lest give me a chance. So as (NHMK) New Head Master King there are only alittle things changing. Like the rank system, instead of all of us being confused who who, know we will know. Sorry to all the don't like these letter but some do so I will keep on sending them. The way the ranking system work is you pick one or you make one up and i'll deside if you get the rank you pick and also where it go on the ranking line.

Once again if you have a friend or friends and you want them to join V.A. and you aren't a kind of king or queen then come to Angel and we will what what can do for you.

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Do You Know All The People In V.A.? If Not Here They Here. Just click on there name to e-mail them.

IF you have any suggetsion on this Newletter please email and tell me what you think I should do better.


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Reminder: Don't Worry. Be Happy!!

Newletter Made By: ARCAngel76


THE VAMP ANGELS NEWSLETTER ISSUE #3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello, and welcome to the 3rd newsletter of the VA.

Obviously, ARCAngel isn't here right now, so until further notice, I will be putting out a weekly newsletter that you should expect in your email each Sunday evening. If you don't get one, it means things have piled up on me, and I am putting off until later.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are just a few things to say. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For one, topic - our room. We all know, our room is here: ANGEL or, for those who want to add it to their favorite files now: aol://2719:2-2-angel

We have many people that come in and out of OUR room each day. Each time you are online, please make an attempt to stop by. Yes, I understand it's impossible to each time (I know *I* cannot), but it would be terrific if we could all show "nationalism" and "patriotism" to our room. We are only protecting our rightful territory.


Another topic of interest is "Who is in charge now?". The answer to that question is: Cupid XX5. He is our master now.

If you have a question about your rank, please contact Cupid XX5 or myself.


Two homepages on the Vamp Angels can be found here: (that's mine) Each weekly newsletter can be found at my page above. (that's TLG789's)

Please visit these and drop questions, comments, and suggestions in the mail.



If you have something to add to the newsletter, DO NOT HESITATE>>> It can be about WHATEVER you want it to!! Whether it be a conversation you had protecting or room, converting someone to our group, or even accomplishing something at work/school/home, we wanna hear about it.

Thanks a bunch, ~^^~ ~^^~ ~^^~ Watch out for the bats!!!...(^..^)

Allison QUEEN OF PROTECTORS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Sorry this is so late in the week. Stupid mailing list isn't working yet... read on...

Just a few things of interest.... PLEASE READ...

We have had many people in *our* room lately that have no clue who Cupid is, nor the Vampire Angels.

This is our room, right?? We need to keep it ours. A few people to look out for are:

Angelfire1 - 15/f Ctastrophe - 17/m RALPHIE79 - 17/m

These people are in our room a lot. I went in there today, and I didn't recognize them. I said "Does everyone know Cupid?"

Their answer was: "The angel with wings?"

I answered: "Do you?"

and then they wanted to know how old I was.

Here's my suggestion when entering our room angel:

We need to have a password, or secret word. When you come into the room, and someone questions on you, like "who are you?" or "do you know cupid?", just say this:


This will let the rest of us know who you are. Otherwise... try and *gently* coax the person out...

Next issue:

You have probably noticed you're on a mailing list. It's the Vampire Angel Mailing List.

DON'T WORRY! You won't get a TON of mail. This is just basically for one-ten messages A WEEK.

If you want to send mail to the other 38 Vampire Angels, please send your message to:

If you are going to send messages, if at all, and there are more than 1 points to address, please put all of them in ONE email. I know that many people have crowded mailboxes as it is. Put the initials "VA" somewhere in the title of your post. Also, the list is UNMODERATED, which means "uncensored", so keep the posts normal... whatever "normal" is!

If you are REALLY and TRULY against this mailing list, email me privately at here.

Trust me, this will not be a burden on life to get a couple of messages... :P

That's about it... hope this newsletter is some help...