This show has been rated best drama on NBC, blah, blah, blah.

No, really, though. It's a terrific show with great actors... and I thought that a page would be pretty cool, considering I hadn't thought about it before.

ER Links

Official NBC ER site: Cast, episode lists, and chat transcripts.
ER Page: Great predictions and future eps.
Scott's ER Page: FAQ, summaries, episodes, and links.
John's Unofficial ER Page: Pictures, rumors, links, and a chat room!
The ER Shrine: Pictures, sounds, quotes, FAQ, links, and more.
George's ER Page: A great page with tons of links.
Irene's ER Page: What's going on this season, pics, articles, and a simulator.
Stephen's ER Page: Emmies, Links, Credits, and Pics.
Medspeak - The ER Dictionary: Print out what it some of the doctor's medical terms mean.
ER Info: Great New Page
Cuz's ER Page: Cool ER Page

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